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Trade popular cryptocurrencies including BTCUSD, BCHUSD, and LTCUSD, and hold your positionswith no overnight charges.

Why trade crypto with Elite Assets Management

From Bitcoin to Ethereum, Litecoin, and more, you can trade cryptocurrency price movements against the US dollar with better-than-market conditions.

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Diverse crypto derivatives

Take a bite of the dynamic crypto market without owning assets. Trade the price of both rising and falling crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

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Swap-free trading

Keep your online trades running overnight with 0 charges, whether you are buying or shorting your cryptocurrency of choice.

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Instant withdrawals

Simplify withdrawals for quick access to your funds. Choose your favorite payment method, make a withdrawal request, and enjoy instant approval.

icon Stop Out Protection

Stop Out Protection

Enjoy a unique market protection feature that strengthens your positions and helps delay or avoid stop outs, particularly during increased volatility.

icon Price Gap Protection

Price Gap Protection

Get more control over your trading with a market protection feature. Execute pending orders at your requested price, minimize slippage and ​​mitigate risks from potential price gaps.

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Fast execution

Jump on trending opportunities with lightning-fast execution. Get your orders executed in under 25ms on all available platforms at Elite Assets Management.

Crypto market spreads and swaps

Crypto market conditions

The crypto market is a digital currency market that uses blockchain technology to create new coins and provide users with secure transactions. Trading crypto derivatives allows you to diversify your online portfolio and capitalize on the movements of cryptocurrency prices, whether they’re rising or falling.

Trading hours

You can trade cryptocurrencies 24/7 except during server maintenance. We will inform you via email when this takes place.

The below cryptocurrency pairs have trading breaks:

  • BTCAUD, BTCJPY, BTCCNH, BTCTHB, BTCZAR: on Sunday from 20:35 to 21:05

  • BTCXAU, BTCXAG: on Sunday from 21:35 to 22:05

  • BTCKRW: from 21:00 on Friday to 23:30 on Sunday

All timings are in server time (GMT+0).


Spreads are always floating, so the spreads in the table above are yesterday’s averages. For live spreads, please refer to the trading platform.

Stop level

Please note that the stop level values in the table above are subject to change and may not be available for traders using certain high-frequency trading strategies or Expert Advisors.

Fixed margin requirements

Margin requirements for all cryptocurrency pairs are fixed, regardless of the leverage you use.


No swap is charged on cryptocurrency positions.

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  • Access the growing crypto market through derivatives and enjoy the ability to capitalize on crypto price movements without needing to own the underlying asset.

  • Trade all available cryptocurrencies completely swap-free and hold your crypto trading positions at no extra cost.

  • Enjoy hassle-free withdrawals with instant withdrawal request processing.

  • Leverage proprietary trading features, like Stop Out Protection, to strengthen your positions and give your strategy a unique advantage in a dynamic market.

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